About Cinema Sights & Sounds Technologies

We know that viewing a movie in a theater can be expensive.  That is why the picture and the sound must be as close to perfect as possible.  The large sharp and crisp picture and thunderously clear sound are why people make the effort to see a movie in a theater.  Many theaters out there fall short, and though some people can't really put their finger on it, that really cool movie your friends said to go see wasn't all that cool.  It's not necessarily the director's nor the writer's, nor even the editor's fault all of the time.  Studies have shown that a movie's picture and sound quality can either make or break a movie.  For example, can you even imagine seeing Jurassic Park on the typical school projector??  The T-Rex wouldn't be so intimidating and the experience would actually seem a little ridiculous as you are allowed to hear the sound from a poor sound system while viewing a poor quality picture.  In that case, you would really just be watching a crazy movie.  However, change that venue into a large auditorium with a large screen.  Add a well tuned digital multi-channel sound system with the capability to shake your bones to the core and give you sounds from every direction with impeccable clarity.  Now what is happening is that you are now experiencing the movie in a more personal manner.  The roar of the T-Rex is thundering and shakes you to the core, when a close up of it interacting with the characters (especially when the characters are only inches away from the beasts nostrils), you feel and see it at a similarly close range.

What the director has done with the sound and picture is he has brought you into the movie instead of just watching it.  The experience is greater and more intense, it has now become more emotional and personal.  This "so-so" movie coming from a poor projection and sound system is transformed into a blockbuster from a state of the art cinema auditorium with professionally tuned and aligned sound and projection systems.  That is how the movie was intended to be viewed.

We once installed, aligned and repaired equipment for cinemas and homes (including Bruce Willis' home).  We have moved on to other things and movies are just mainly a hobby for us.  We are, however, desirous to educate those that always wanted to know what happens behind the glass in a cinema auditorium.  That's what most of this site is all about.