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            CSST was founded by Troy Beisigl and Richard Kelsch in 1991.  They were frustrated at how a lot of theaters, including some THX certified theaters, were poorly tuned and the sound systems completely mismatched or underpowered.  The problem simply was whoever did the job did it poorly.  Well, being perfectionists and movie purists, they sought to do the job right themselves.

            CSST has sold, designed, installed, repaired, and aligned sound and projection systems for such cinema chains as American Multi-Cinemas, Krikorian Premiere Theatres, Regal Cinemas, and many more.  We are experts in all digital and analog sound and visual formats.  Our engineers are THX certified and really know their stuff.

We are not limited to movie theaters.   We will also do homes and other locations where you have a need.

If you want it to sound and look the best it possibly can, then CSST is the one to call!

CSST services the southwestern United States of America.  CSST will work the globe, but (understandably) at a larger fee.

Give us a call!  1-800-830-CSST